Very Cavallari: Holiday Parties are Messy (S2E6)

Kristin and Jay can’t remember the last time they went on a date. Obviously we will now see them go on a date. Wirth is opening a gym with Tim Mcgraw and we see a promotional photoshoot happening. Apparently Brittainy is the new Kaylee because everyone hates her? Raegan talks shit about her WITH Kaylee which is rough to watch given the “journey” Kaylee has been on.

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Very Cavallari: Kristin, You're Rich (S2E5)

Kristin has a bunch of friends coming in and they are staying at their old house which hasn’t sold. I am in shock that no one has purchased their former home, which led me to read about how difficult it is to sell luxury real estate in Nashville. The list price was $7.9 and it is now listed at $6.9 million. Ouch.

Pretty sure Kristin telling Jay she wants to make a decision (Pantone colors for Little James camo) and for him to validate said decision is the secret to a long term relationship.

I’m done reporting on Stone and Brittainy until they do something worth mentioning.

Justin (her hair colorist) is a true Angelino because he is AGHAST at the size of her home. He then has a “Kristin, you’re RICH” moment that sky rockets him to my most loved list. Girl talk ensues with the Palm Springs crew. They take shots out of mini moscow mule copper cups which I obviously want and Pip procedes to get wasted. Jay is praised for taking care of the kids and picking up her call which displays the #patriarchy perfectly and Kristin is honest that they are in a rut and things are never perfect. Foreshadowing for the fight they have later this episode.

Colby is happy because she booked a show. I could not be less interested in her career outside of Uncommon James. Brittainy perfectly shows why open floor plans are a disaster because she has to go outside with Matt, in public, to clear the air with him. Matt asks if she reacts to him aggressively because he is a man, Brittainy gets triggered, the air is not clear.

Give me this drink fridge.

Give me this drink fridge.

Jay has been drinking all day and is being antisocial which displeases Kristin. Jay makes some cracks about their finances and that is when things take a turn. Jay goes to hide, comes back, and then they fight over beverages? They literally kiss and make up. Kelly talks about freezing her eggs and gets a pep talk from Biegs, the other single woman present.

Everyone goes to Colby’s show, including Stone and Brittainy, which weirds the rest of the team out.

Kristin and Jay debrief the trip and he admits he could have been better. Scenes from next week show an ex of Kelly’s who is also her client and more Brittainy drama!!!!!!!!!!!