Very Cavallari: Holiday Parties are Messy (S2E6)


Kristin and Jay can’t remember the last time they went on a date. Obviously we will now see them go on a date. Wirth is opening a gym with Tim Mcgraw and we see a promotional photoshoot happening. Apparently Brittainy is the new Kaylee because everyone hates her? Raegan talks shit about her WITH Kaylee which is rough to watch given the “journey” Kaylee has been on.

We see Kelly at work, pulling clothing for the “country Ryan Seacrest” who she used to date. I wonder what percentage of Very Cavallari fans are country music fans? Kelly goes on a blind date and he is attractive! I forget who set them up? LOL I mean whoever cast him did a great job. Country Ryan Seacrest is back to promote his new book I MEAN talk to Kelly about her date, which she also does with Kristin. I think Kelly is aiming for a tequila sponsorship because she talks about it like it’s a personality trait.

Kristin and Jay are together shopping for their daughter’s birthday present while Brittainy tells Stone she thinks she and Kristin are becoming closer thus putting a target on her back. Then Brittainy uses a dumb analogy and planting a garden and just because she planted a tree doesn’t mean everyone can’t and while I get her point, not the best way to demonstrate it.

Kristin insists on an Uncommon James holiday party because “every company has one” which is 100% her brand. There are so many people there and I wish they were all mic’d up and we got to hear ALL THE DIRT. Santa shows up to the party which is unnecessary as this party probably happened in March. Brittainy and Raegan have it out on a balcony. I’m bored.

Kristin and Jay go on vacation next episode and I hope they get drunk and break the fourth wall.