Very Cavallari: Season 2 (S2E1)

Is it me, or was there not as much press for season 2? I knew it was coming but then it just showed up on my DVR and I wasn’t sure it if was a teaser or the real deal. So, what have our favorite business people been up to lately?

Taylor: Had a baby, married Mike, no longer works at Uncommon James (per an Instagram Q&A). She has been shamed by people for going out, being thin and all the other stuff that comes along with living your life online. I unfollowed her.

Wirth: Opened a gym, got engaged, has a cute dog, is still a beast. Unclear if he will still be man candy at UJ.

Brittainy: I never got into her social media. I bet she is rescuing dogs, being outdoorsy and actually working.

Shannon “I would’ve said it to your face, it was just easier to say it behind your back” Ford: I unfollowed Shannon because it is so clear she does not have a job and never wants to which makes me jealous. She still drinks a lot of tequila and always has a professional photographer with her. UJ is no longer present on her Instagram but John Gurney is.

Gurney: Released some music that showed up on some Spotify playlists. Without Shannon, I wonder if he will be around?

Kristin and Jay: well let’s just get in to the show to see!

The lovebirds moved to the country and have a lot of animals. Jay now gets to call himself a “property manager” which I love. Kristin cannot keep anything in stock at the store which is…kind of a big deal when you are running a business? Jay wants an allowance and to put a tracking device on Blooms, a chicken, who is laying her eggs in an undisclosed location and this is the spinoff show I want. WHERE ARE HER EGGS!?

OMG Wirth’s gym is right next door to UJ and his partner is Tim McGraw. Wirth is so self made! The staff has expanded significantly and Kristin claims Shannon still works for her but I do not buy it. Kristin names all of the things that means Shannon should be fired so maybe that will happen this episode?


We are back with Kelly who setting Kristin up with a friend who also lives in the country. This woman is Caroline, wife of Luke Bryan (who Taylor’s husband works for), and they have a farm where they rescue animals. Kristin leaves with a llama. Jay pretends to be upset but knows this is just more screen time for him. Kelly and The Canadian are no more. Her plot line, again, is being single and dating.


FINALLY we get to Brittainy and Stone. They are still together after some therapy and Stone getting a real haircut. Obviously Kristin calls her in the middle of this to ask about Shannon. More buildup to Shannon with Jay. ENTER SHANNON. It is pretty clear she is already not working there because of the muscles in her face that still move, there isn’t a single one that is acting well. They “mutually decide” she is fired. Kristin tells the team Shannon is fired and it makes zero sense they are surprised. Kristin does what a boss is supposed to do and offer to chat with anyone who has questions when we all know all they need is 15 minutes to gossip like crazy. Also, I need A LOT more info on the clearly gay man working for Kristin. Give him to us!! Raegan is still present and adds nothing.

We end with Kelly and Jay bantering about her dating life. Clips from the season seem like we are getting more of unnamed man, more relationship drama and of course, business snafoos. Bring. It. On.

PS: The twist? Blooms is a BOY LOL.