Very Cavallari: Brittainy's Shoes Broke My Ankles (S2E2)

I have fallen behind and will be binging over my spring break. We are flying to Palm Springs for promotional footage and Jay does not get to go. I would be more than happy to go to Palm Springs and hang out with Kristin telling her how fab she looks at all times. They hate on Skype which must be killing Microsoft inside and continue to talk about their reverse gender roles.

Cut to LA where Kristin is getting ready before driving to LA - seems like she should have flown to PS and brought those folks out? Maybe in season 3 she’ll have that kind of money. I love this hairdresser for calling her out on her Laguna Beach days.

BACK IN NASHVILLE! Colby is now on the show as head of customer service and alerts Brittainy that boxes are arriving empty or have the incorrect items. Things are falling apart. They are having to replace 30-50 orders a day. It does not take a retail expert to know THAT IS BAD.


Kelly and Kristin talk about colonics for much longer than necessary. Jay and Chuy (gay friend I want more of) comes by for an info download about the kids. Biegs shows up and was Kristin’s MOH and then the rest of the crew shows up and everyone squeals. Jack is as shocked Kristin drove as I am. Stone has to be the one to tell Brittainy she needs to tell Kristin about all of the issues and I am at a loss in terms of how to describe Brittainy’s shoes!?!?!?!

Photoshoot time!! Everyone looks hot, Kristin is pure fire, and obviously this is when she decides to call Brittainy who ominously says there are problems and then tries to take it back which never works. There is girl talk at dinner and then it comes out that Kelly and Kristin met because Kelly was dating a teammate of Jay’s at Vanderbilt and cheated a lot. Whoa here is the depth we’ve been missing from Kelly.


Brittainy goes HAM on the shipping department and is quite effective in scaring them straight. There is another photoshoot for Instagram at Uncommon James which is when Brittainy decides to bring Kristin into the fold about shipping issues. Her pants are a choice but kudos for the dramatic framing of the shot. Next episode we get Jay being the enforcer which I foresee being laughable on TV and terrifying in real life!