Very Cavallari: Shipping, Shipping, Shipping (S2E3)


Overalls Jay is my new favorite Jay - more so than jaunty vest Jay. He is really embracing the farm life with all of his landscaping!

Shipping is the theme of this season. Wirth brings in some hot dudes to do heavy lifting of the boxes that are actually full of products. If only those were the ones they were shipping. Colby is flirting which we know is going to be a disservice to her. Some light Instagram stalking tells me she’s dating the guy she is flirting with or someone who looks very similar to him. They are moving to a new warehouse and there is more flirting than working which upsets the head honchos but makes for more fun tv.

Um all of a sudden we flashback to the store manager before Brittainy named Kayley (who doesn’t get a chyron so I don’t know how it is spelled) and Kristin claims that SHE didn’t fire her HR did but girl we know you do not have an HR director!?!?! I want Kayley she is badass I do not care if people didn’t think she was “nice” enough.

This dress will never look like you’re wearing it correctly.

This dress will never look like you’re wearing it correctly.

Jay arrives at the office in a sport coat and slacks which puts everyone on notice immediately. Kelsey is already crying which is not a great sign. Kaylee (chyron makes the spelling official) shows up in the rectangle earrings they all own and a great hat. Kristin had no idea why Kaylee got fired which maybe means you should reevaluate your HR department? Anyway, Kaylee is back and I already love her. Back at the store, Jay is watching a lot of people do what comes off like not a lot.

Jay gives a solid analysis of whats happening at the office and it seems like no one is fired. Stone an Brittainy talk. Kaylee comes to the UJ cocktail party and Colby goes white. Brittainy has perma surprise face. Colby goes outside to cry and talk trash about Kaylee to an anonymous brunette about how hard her year has been. Kristin announces everyone needs to grow the F up and scenes from next week have Kaylee laying down the law like the queen she is.