ICYMI: Texts From Mom, Throwing Shade & More

Work has begun to die down. I spent a lot of time on the Internet this week. Also it rained in LA again so I spent even more on the computer. I don't think this thing should get long enough it becomes laborious to read so this is an abridged version of what I found. Yo, ICYMI:

1. Sunrise Debuted Meet, A Keyboard That Helps Schedule Meetings
I use Sunrise as my calendar app and this week they launched Meet, a keyboard extension that helps cut out the email chain of choosing a time and place to meet. Even if the recipient doesn't have Sunrise, they can receive the invites and reply. Open up an email and within your keyboard you can pull up your calendar, select some dates and times, email it to a friend, who can then select what works for them and email you back. You can see your availability within the keyboard, set a time zone, duration and location. Amazing. 

2. There Is An Article About Throwing Shade in the NYTimes 
(sent to me by subscriber Sally)
This article is about 'hating'/'throwing shade'/slyly insulting someone. It is incredible. I will leave you with this quote: "'It’s absolutely in line with the tradition of American culture realizing that black people have figured something out,' Jones says, with just a hint of, yeah, shade." 

3. Samsung Made A Great Commercial

(sent to subscriber David, by his mom)
The commercial showcases the tropes we see of Moms texting and probably anyone who texts with their parents can find a way to relate.

4. I Favorited This Tweet

5. Chris Burden, of Urban Lights at LACMA, Passed Away
Maybe this one made it on to most peoples' radars but I felt guilty because I used to see Urban Lights multiple times a week and had no idea who had made it. I used to live by LACMA and my gym windows faced Urban Lights so I have seen many an engagement/headshot/tween photo shoot taking place amidst the lights. The LA Times has an article on how the lights came to be so click the link and learn a little about what you know you've Instagrammed. 

That's all she wrote this week! Hey, to help me out, let me know which of these was your favorite. Just reply to this email and then go about your weekend.
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