ICYMI: Retractions, Law Suits and White House Tantrums

Thanks to those who replied last week! Each point was someone's favorite which is exactly what I was hoping for ::pats self on back::. I was at a professional conference this week and learned things. Hopefully you learn some things from me now.  ICYMI:

1. Study That Inspired This American Life Episode Retracted

Did you hear the TAL last month about pro-choice and pro-gay marriage canvassers changing peoples' minds?  Yeah, looks like the study it was based on was fabricated. The study, done by someone at UCLA, could not be replicated by folks at Stanford and Berkeley. Turns out, that leads to lots of questions which then led to the realization that the data had just been made up. Aside from ruining a career, I would also be terrified of Ira Glass yelling at me. 

2. I Downloaded NewsGIF
Bored of news headlines? Download NewsGIF and get real news but with a gif (btw,it's pronounced jif, but you do you) that represents the headline too. Silly, free, give it a shot. 

3. University of Virginia Dean Sues Rolling Stone
Hopefully the Rolling Stone article about a gang rape that UVA allegedly buried was on everyone's radar, followed by a retraction.  What is it with retractions this week? Well, the Dean of Students at UVA, who was singled out in the article, is now suing for defamation.  I couldn't read the whole article because I have read five articles on WSJ already this week so read it and let me know what I missed (see what I did there?). 

4. I Favorited This Tweet

(you know this is going in her Bat Miztvah slideshow

(you know this is going in her Bat Miztvah slideshow


5. Great Lady Nerd of History: Rosie the Riveter
The Nerdette podcast highlights lady nerds of history and in honor of Memorial Day they profile Rosie the Riveter. My generation knows her from Tampon ads so hearing the original jingle (including cringeworthy line 'turns out, factory work is not much harder than house work') and a bit more context was very interesting. It's just the first five minutes of the podcast so a quick listen, but the rest of the episode features a female nuclear engineer who is a delight to listen to. 

6. Bonus Tweet For The Holiday Weekend

Thanks for reading. Be good this weekend, but if you're going to be bad, be good at it. 
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