ICYMI: Obama Tweets, A Frenchie Plays Fruit NInja & More

Bonus from subscriber Jon about Rosie the Riveter: The model for Rosie died last month and she was also based on the Sistine Chapel's Isiah. Who knew!? Also thanks Claire (and her husband) for the pro tip on how to read WSJ for free (though I have yet to try)!  I'm off to Hawaii (name-drop) today so aloha and ICYMI: 

1. Faces Of The Scripps National Spelling Bee
These kids can eye roll like nobody's business. 

2. Earthquake Expert Live Tweets San Andreas
San Andreas opens today and chronicles what 'would happen' if a massive earthquake hit the San Andreas fault (the major fault line in Southern Calfiornia). They invited a leading earthquake expert to the premier and she live tweeted it for us. It does get a few things right.  A few.

3. I Favorited This Tweet

4. Obama Has To Borrow An iPhone To Tweet
POTUS joined Twitter recently and people noticed his tweets said they were sent from an iPhone, but due to security issues we know Obama has to use a Blackberry. Thus, we learned Obama has to borrow someone's phone to tweet.  I love the idea of him having to ask Sasha or Malia to borrow her phone and that is what I choose to believe happens. 

5. Watch Brutus, The French Bulldog, Play Fruit Ninja
I mean COME ON!

This week was pretty text and photo heavy. If you have feelings about it, let me know. Thanks for the continued replies and feedback! Per usual, pass this along if you learned something new today. 
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