ICYMI: Chipotle, The Olsen Twins, LoL & More

I'm trying out a more click-baity subject line, though the open rate is pretty good because I know all of you and it'd be #awkward if you didn't. The logo didn't make it into last week's...it is back now. I'm busy catching up on my DVR soo here it is, ICYMI:

1. I Favorited This Tweet

2. In Case You Myst It
Shoutout to David for this title. Myst is a computer game I played as a kid circa the 90s and Hulu just picked up a script to turn it into a TV series! It will be sci fi/fantasy, like the game was, from the perspective of a man (ugh, obvi) waking up on an island with no concept of where he is or how he got there. I'm getting some Lost vibes but am sure the show will go in a unique direction.  

3. Chipotle Posted It's Guac Recipe Online
Live every day like it's Cinco de Mayo. 

4. You Can Get An Athletics Scholarship For League Of Legends
I know a large group of guys from my freshman dorm who would have LAN parties in our basement would be PSYCHED about this.  Robert Morris University has varsity League of Legends (LoL) teams that compete in a collegiate tournament, so other schools have teams but this is is the first to turn it into a varsity sport with scholarships. I heard about it on this podcast, which goes into gender and gaming, but you can listen to a story about the team specifically here

5. Nickelodion Is Opening And Airing The Olsen Twin Vault
First, Nickelodion is surprisingly difficult to spell. Second, I am physically pained by linking to Yahoo articles but I like Price Peterson who is doing critical breakdowns of some Olsen twin movies and their often forgotten TV show, So Little Time. I went to horse back riding camp with Mary-Kate and she was lovely and had a pony named CD.  So there you go. 

Old News

1. Alec Baldwin Has A Podcast
I listen to a fair number of WNYC podcasts and have been hearing his, Here's the Thing, advertised a lot.  He has some cool guests (Ira GlassLorne Michaels,Kristen Wiig) and, according to the ads on other WNYC podcasts, gets his guests to be authentic in a way they are not in many other interviews.  Full disclosure: I haven't listened to a single episode yet but I like the title and his daughter Irelandaddressed the end of her lesbian relationship with Angel Haze with class so I'll be giving it a shot soon. 

Thanks for reading, again or for the first time!  This is fun for me and I hope for you too. 
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