ICYMI: May 2

I was on a work trip this past week, had the flu and am now on vacation so all of the following was done in a Day/NyQuil induced haze.  Don't give up on me in my time of weakness.

1. I Favorited This Tweet

2. The Year My Fiance Left Me and I Watched All of "Law and Order"
The title is misleading because she doesn't finish the entire series but the history lesson and discussion of the cultural significance she goes into of Law and Order reminds you that Buzzfeed does do reporting. 

3. TODAY IN LA: Uber Will Pick Up Your Stuff and Take It To Goodwill, FOR FREE!
I've had a trash bag of stuff in my trunk for no less than three weeks that I have not donated.  Now Uber has solved my problem.  Clean out your closets/cupboards/garages and call an Uber!

4.  I Watched An Unboxing of an Apple Watch
I learned about 'unboxing' because a coworker's son became obsessed with them on YouTube.  They are what they sound like--someone tapes themselves opening a toy/video game/tech product. Typically, you watch someone open an expensive product you can't afford so you still get the experience but then you want it like I now want an Apple Watch. 

As mentioned, this was a rough week for me so I'm sure I missed a lot--send it my way for 'Old News' next week!  Did a friend forward this to you? How thoughtful! Subscribe here.