ICYMI: April 25

I am working this Saturday so this is either arriving super early or super late. If early, check out @USCAdmission on Twitter to watch us Periscoping throughout the day. Or don't and just feel badly for me. 

1.  HBO Announces It Bought Vimeo Web Series "High Maintenance" On 4/20
High Maintenance is a dramedy (yeah?) about a weed delivery guy and chronicles the different people he delivers to.  It is funny but can also be meaningful.  Kudos to HBO for announcing it on 4/20.  

2. The Peabody Awards Happened 
The iTunes store tweeted a congrats to Serial for being the first podcast to win a Peabody.  Awkward....Because Other Podcasts Have Won Peabody Awards.  More Than Once. ::cough This American Life ::cough

3. You Can Now DM Anyone (Who Enables It) On Twitter
Prior to this, people had to be following each other to private message (DM/Direcr Message) someone.  Very important to note that you have to ENABLE this feature, so you can't just DM Justin Bieber/Jessica Alba/Katie Perry. People were concerned that what is now public harassment online could be private which is why I'm guessing most women of note have opted to keep things the way they were.  I enabled the feature and have continued to receive appx zero DMs. 

4. Miranda July Relaunched Her App 'Somebody'
The app has somebody deliver a message to someone for you.  So let's say Jenna lives in NY but I want someone to go fist bump her on my behalf.  I select her on the app, enter the message, and then the message is floating and someone in NY will see how close they are to her and can opt to deliver the fist bump on my behalf. The first launch was beyond glitchy but this one seems to run much more smoothly.  Cool thing to play with but I'm unclear on how I know which apt # someone is in?  Slash if I want a stranger coming up to my door?

5. Like Data and Podcasts?  Follow This American Chart
This Twitter feed makes graphs of things discussed on This American Life.  It expanded to include some Serial and Start Up graphs too.  

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