ICYMI: April 18

Apparently everyone knew about the one space after a period. I guess I learned from my mom (who has a real typewriter) who said it was two. Whoops. I'm trying out logos. How about this week you all forward the newsletter to one person you think may enjoy it? Plz? Onward, ICYMI: 

1. Joshua Topolsky Launched A Podcast Called Tomorrow
I came to know of Josh via his appearances on Jimmy Fallon to discuss tech. He was EIC of Engadget, then founded The Verge and is now at Bloomberg. I really like The Verge but often find Topolsky slightly egotistical (even in episode 0 of the podcast), but am giving it a chance. 

2.  Charles Babinski Placed Second In The World Barista Championship
Now I get on my soapbox of 'I remember when..." I would walk down to a popup coffee shop called G&B and hang out with friends and the owners every Sunday. Now G&B has two stores (the other called Go Get Em Tiger) and Charles consistently makes a name for himself in competitions. Pop up barista no more! The World Championship was in Seattle, of course, this past weekend. 

3. Guy Branum's Comedy Album Came Out
I think Guy is hilarious. I loved him on Chelsea Lately and love his new podcastPoprocket. I am sure I will love his comedy album too.  

4. You Can Use Watson, IBM's Computer, To Help You Cook
While not perfect, Watson can help combine ingredients based on chemistry to help you mix things up. He is still in beta as a chef, but could be fun if things are getting routine for you in the kitchen. I found out about him on the New Tech City podcast where they discuss some of the current limitations he has as they prepare a dish with his help.

5. I favorited this Tweet

6. Prince George Looks for 'Daddy' in China Cabinet After Hearing Prince William Is in China
This is exactly what it sounds like and so adorable. Thanks to Sally for sending it to me. 

Old News

1. Paul Miller Didn't Use The Internet For A Year
Paul was Josh Topolsky's guest on Episode 0 of the podcast and it reminded me of the black hole I got sucked into when Paul, as a tech journalist, didn't use the internet for a year. That meant no smart phone, USB devices to submit stories and calling movie theaters to get showtimes. Paul fascinated me and the project fascinated me. I watched the live stream of his return. All of his articles about being offline are here and the article about what he did that year, accompanied by a surprisingly moving video, is here.  

2. Nope Nope Nope
Turn on your sound and watch/listen. 

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