ICYMI: April 11

Last week I tried to embed a tweet and it didn't work. You live you learn. Thanks for giving me another shot. I'm trying to only use one space after a period because that is apparently a thing now? I missed the memo about it but have seen some rants so I'm giving it a shot.  If you or someone you know is good with Photoshop and wants to make me a logo, have at it.  And now, ICYMI:

1. Mailbox For Android Launched
Mailbox is my preferred mail client for my personal email. It's clean, encourages you to get to 'inbox zero,' and is intuitive to use. It doesn't integrate with Outlook/Exchange but I keep my personal and work email separate so that doesn't bother me. They finally launched it for Android, if you're into those kinds of of phones. 

2. You Can Now Vote In The Webby Awards 
Webby Awards are awards for...the web. This ranges from apps to web sites to the brands that run them. The acceptance speeches can only be five words keeping things brief and creative. Here are some of the speeches from 2013 (more interesting than 2014), if you're curious. Anyone can vote so take a look and vote for your favorites! 

3. Madeline Messner Doesn't Think You Should Have To Pay Extra For A Female Avatar 
Maddie is 12 and took on a research project looking at how many of the top downloadable games feature female characters and how much it costs to play as them. The story got a lot of attention, one game is even designing and naming their female character after her (creepiest thing ever or coolest thing ever?). She found that on average it costs $7.25 to play as a female, across the top 50 games in the iTunes store. As a result, many games are changing this, however it still fails to address the lack of ethnic diversity. If you're interested in the economics of why it costs extra, give this Planet Money a listen.  

Some Olds News (why not?)

1.  Matt Stopera Is Big In China
A Buzzfeed reporter's iPhone got stolen.  A few months later, a random guy's pictures started showing up on his new phone (thanks, iCloud). He harnessed the power of Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, to find the guy and became an international celebrity. He traveled to China to meet Bro Orange (the nickname given to the Chinese man, as the photos featured him in front of orange trees). A documentary is being made about it. 

2. Ellen Pao Lost Her Gender Discrimination Suit Against Kleiner Perkins
Gender discrimination is an issue in Silicon Valley, giving birth to terms like "Brogrammer." Ellen Pao, interim CEO of Reddit, brought up gender bias at Kleiner Perkins (a venture capitalist firm) after being passed over for a seat on the board and was subsequently fired. Then she sued and lost on all four counts.  It was a closely watched trial in Silicon Valley and the tech world. Her position at Reddit nonwithstanding, I doubt this will be the last we see of her.  

Thanks for reading and send this along to anyone you think may enjoy it.  Happy weekend!