Very Cavallari: Cabo is Special to Us (S2E8)

We start in the kitchen with zoodles which is perfectly on brand. Kristin and Jay pretend they haven’t already decided to have a photo shoot at the house and Kristin pitching it to him. Kristin hired a consultant to organize things, including booking the child models, which sounds like a special kind of hell. Kelly is doing the kids’ hair and make-up despite never having worked with kids before. We meet Jay's sister and his nephew who are so cute!!

Kelly comes over to record her podcast with Jay as a guest and he wears an A+ vest and immediately complains about having to hold the microphone.

Matt, Raegan, Colby and another brunette I don’t know (Kelsey) are getting dinner and shit talking. Everyone is over Brittainy but the only thing holding this foursome together is their filming contract. At work Brittainy learns Raegan has been talking about her from other employees which like…I hope those girls got bonuses. It takes Stone’s urging for Brittainy to talk to Raegan about her slander. Things do not go well and they are still not friends.

Kristin’s mom comes to watch the kids and seems super sweet. In Cabo, their suite is a million times the size of my home. Kristin keeps her blazer on while drinking champagne on the balcony which is absurd. She traveled in that blazer and heels which shows how fundamentally different we are. They get massages and chat. They go on a sunset cruise and talk about Kristin being busy and Jay being idle and how it has changed their dynamic. Jay says things like “Ok. I can do that, Be fine. Let’s do it.” It is clear he meant it when he said “I didn’t take college too seriously.”

Next week, their friends join them in Cabo.