Very Cavallari: LA Ladies (S2E4)

We start with Colby. Girls look up to Colby because she has been with Kristin from the beginning which really means they are jealous of her and want to take her down. Jay’s solution to everything is to fire people which I have to say I am on board with. The staff speaks up about not liking Kaylee and Brittainy gets heated defending her, probably because Kaylee is the only other person who is functional on a consistent basis.

Jay offers to wing woman Kelly and I would watch that spin off dating show.

Not sorry for the butt shot

Not sorry for the butt shot

Kaylee is back and she is not falling for this “I’m cute and my outfit is worth 1k” act most of the employees are getting by on. Kristin and Brittainy head to LA for a pop up shop which means all hell is going to break loose back in Nashville. They will also be missing Cyber Monday which seems like a bad idea when things are already in tense, crying shambles.

Brittainy and Stone talk in a hat store. Out in LA, we learn pop up shop means kiosk in front of the movie theater. Jay is wearing what I can best describe as a fall camo onesie. Kristin puts Kaylee in charge via Brittainy but no one informs anyone else. Matt gets a little triggered by it. I’m ready for someone to get sent home on the spot.

Jay and Kelly meet up at a bar and have a very sweet rapport. He convinces her to join a dating app and to let him run it and set up dates for her. Am I getting the dating show I asked for!!??

Back in LA, Kristin is doing her press interviews next to the Cheesecake Factory. We are ping ponging around from location to location and it tough for me to be invested in one storyline, let alone write about it. Everyone bitches about Kaylee and says she is stepping on toes which she would not have to do IF PEOPLE DID THEIR JOBS. Enough on that.

Kristin and Brittainy have a heart to heart about partners, family and making it all work. Kristin goes to Laguna Beach on the 3 year anniversary of her brother’s death, which gets sad and emotional, and she and her friend revisit memories from high school. They end on this sad note, but scenes from next week show Chuy trying to set up Kelly and more girl drama. This is turning in to Laguna Beach: Do Your Job, I’m Running A Business.