Very Cavallari: Episode #7

I have not watched the finale of this show yet because I do not want the season to be over. As a bonus though, I was just in Nashville for my Vanderbilt Reunion and of course visited the UJ store so really this post is WAY more authentic now because of my real photo.


Picking up where we left off, post booze soaked getaway sponsored by Wirth, we are back in the store which is just boxes, empty shelves and a random desk in the middle of the room. Kristin reminds Shannon that you have to post about a store opening if you want people to show up to it which is maybe why hiring from a modeling agency is not your best business strategy.

The Canadian is back! His name is Matt! Kristin, again, has to remind Jay to be nice to someone who is an invited guest in his home. Then Jay lights a towel on fire. Matt is a firefighter and drinks vodka sodas. “Dierks” is casually dropped in conversation as Kelly’s employer - as in Dierks Bentley, major country music star. The ladies do the normal gab in the kitchen routine and Kelly’s logical side kicks in and she realizes international love is absurd. Kristin’s kitchen has two islands!!! Jay is upset Kelly isn’t as in to The Canadian as we all hoped (Jay wants a friend?) and we see him do dishes for the first time ever.

Gurney wins a big competition and we still do not see Shannon kiss him. THEY ARE A PUBLIC RELATIONS COUPLE!!!

We watch Kristin go to New York to promote her cookbook, 5 days out from her store opening. I do not feel badly for celebrities, but that is very stressful timing. Um Jenny McCarthy has blue hair!?!?! Vaccines she doesn’t trust but hair dye - come at me!

In true boy fashion, Mike wants to propose in 3 days and does not even know what kind of ring she wants. Shannon has to plan the engagement because Mike is a videographer for Luke Bryan, another big time country star, and will be on the road. Way to plan ahead Mike not like you’re gonna have a child soon! Actually…this is exactly why you are gonna have a child soon.

Brittainy’s mom is very young and getting married. Brittainy tries on a dress and then Mom drops that she does not think John is the one for Brittainy which she takes with a grain of salt because “this is her third time.” Touche.

Kristin’s cookbook hits #3 on the NYT Bestseller list and omg Jay made her a cake!! This is the sweetest thing ever!!! I can’t!! True moment of appreciation for Jay here.

Mike drops a cool $25k on a ring which has me Googling “videography classes.” Kristin quizzes the shop girls to prepare for the opening and Wirth judges from a chair in the corner. Some of them are wearing VERY aggressive makeup - definitely their first time on camera. Brittainy and her John, who I believe are very much in a relationship, argue.

Kelly asks if Kristin is stressed about sales which is the dumbest question ever. Then we get buildup to Kristin chewing out Shannon, Taylor being proposed to (in the earrings Shannon gave her en route to the interview that I pre-ordered last month) and the store opening!!!!