Very Cavallari: Episode 6

I was out of the country and am behind on everything but am assuming you are behind on the show too? If you are even watching it!?

Kristin takes her team to Florida to blow off some steam before the store opens. I can't be sure, but I don't think the key to running a business is getting wasted with your employees? Neither Kristin nor I have an MBA though so who knows.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.44.49 AM.png

They board Wirth's jet and the shots begin. I'm into Cleave the photographer, but I do not recall seeing him at the man-candy he is. Taylor is there, which is the real reason the invite was extended to freelancers, and she has to hide her pregnancy! Omg! They tell Kristin and she has some legitimately sage and heartfelt advice. 

Kristin draws the line at staying with her team, so she will be at a hotel while everyone else gets sloppy at Wirth's house. Taylor gets to skip the ropes course because she is "afraid of heights" and Shannon holds on to Cleave for dear life. Kristin comments on the awful angle of the GoPro to which I say TOUCHE why would anyone do that to a person!? 

They play a game of sharing something no one knows about you. Turns out Wirth is insecure about his lower body and could not be more vanilla. Kristin then relives her glory days from The Hills and orders shots upon shots which Taylor has to sneakily not take. There are not very many people in the bar which must relieve the cameramen (or women!) there. All of a sudden, Cleave is shirtless for body shots, confirming that he is more of a freelance guest on this show than anything else. I want more of drunk Kristin!!!

Reagan finally grounds herself in the show and gives Brittainy relationship advice. Brittainy and her boyfriend rescued two abandoned puppies they found on a street and are currently hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail which is so legit I can't talk shit about them. 

The boyfriends show up to the retreat the same way Heidi crashed LC's event. It is so unwelcome and annoying. Shannon thanks Kristin for having them all at the retreat but she should be thanking Wirth, no?

Jay wants to take Kristin on a day date and you can hear that they added the "we can get chickens" in post. Jay trying to catch a chicken is a show I would watch. Kristin asks about caring for the chickens as if they aren't going to pay someone to do it, which is cute. 

Brittainy starts to cry when Taylor tells the group she is pregnant because she is the most pure. I wanted a little more drama from team night out but so it goes. Next week (which was Sunday), they try to force us to care about Taylor's engagement and we get back to business. Literally, because the store is opening.