When I Dated A Stranger From The Internet

I originally posted these in three segments back in March 2011.  Over two years later, Evan published his own write of it on his blog. 

One day, a friend of mine Gchatted me (shoutout to Kayte, <3s) and told me about this web site where a guy was going on One Hundred Dates in a year and blogging about it.  I checked it out and was pretty intrigued in the same way that I can’t stop watching the Bachelor (Courtney?  REALLY?).  I saw that Evan would be in Los Angeles in a week and started asking Kayte more questions and reading more about the dates/project.  After reading The Wedding Date and getting reassurance he wasn’t a creeper, I decided I’d throw my name out there for an LA date.  Then, this happened:

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