ICYMI: Obama Tweets, A Frenchie Plays Fruit NInja & More

Bonus from subscriber Jon about Rosie the Riveter: The model for Rosie died last month and she was also based on the Sistine Chapel's Isiah. Who knew!? Also thanks Claire (and her husband) for the pro tip on how to read WSJ for free (though I have yet to try)!  I'm off to Hawaii (name-drop) today so aloha and ICYMI: 

1. Faces Of The Scripps National Spelling Bee
These kids can eye roll like nobody's business. 

2. Earthquake Expert Live Tweets San Andreas
San Andreas opens today and chronicles what 'would happen' if a massive earthquake hit the San Andreas fault (the major fault line in Southern Calfiornia). They invited a leading earthquake expert to the premier and she live tweeted it for us. It does get a few things right.  A few.

3. I Favorited This Tweet

4. Obama Has To Borrow An iPhone To Tweet
POTUS joined Twitter recently and people noticed his tweets said they were sent from an iPhone, but due to security issues we know Obama has to use a Blackberry. Thus, we learned Obama has to borrow someone's phone to tweet.  I love the idea of him having to ask Sasha or Malia to borrow her phone and that is what I choose to believe happens. 

5. Watch Brutus, The French Bulldog, Play Fruit Ninja
I mean COME ON!

This week was pretty text and photo heavy. If you have feelings about it, let me know. Thanks for the continued replies and feedback! Per usual, pass this along if you learned something new today. 
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ICYMI: Retractions, Law Suits and White House Tantrums

Thanks to those who replied last week! Each point was someone's favorite which is exactly what I was hoping for ::pats self on back::. I was at a professional conference this week and learned things. Hopefully you learn some things from me now.  ICYMI:

1. Study That Inspired This American Life Episode Retracted

Did you hear the TAL last month about pro-choice and pro-gay marriage canvassers changing peoples' minds?  Yeah, looks like the study it was based on was fabricated. The study, done by someone at UCLA, could not be replicated by folks at Stanford and Berkeley. Turns out, that leads to lots of questions which then led to the realization that the data had just been made up. Aside from ruining a career, I would also be terrified of Ira Glass yelling at me. 

2. I Downloaded NewsGIF
Bored of news headlines? Download NewsGIF and get real news but with a gif (btw,it's pronounced jif, but you do you) that represents the headline too. Silly, free, give it a shot. 

3. University of Virginia Dean Sues Rolling Stone
Hopefully the Rolling Stone article about a gang rape that UVA allegedly buried was on everyone's radar, followed by a retraction.  What is it with retractions this week? Well, the Dean of Students at UVA, who was singled out in the article, is now suing for defamation.  I couldn't read the whole article because I have read five articles on WSJ already this week so read it and let me know what I missed (see what I did there?). 

4. I Favorited This Tweet

(you know this is going in her Bat Miztvah slideshow

(you know this is going in her Bat Miztvah slideshow


5. Great Lady Nerd of History: Rosie the Riveter
The Nerdette podcast highlights lady nerds of history and in honor of Memorial Day they profile Rosie the Riveter. My generation knows her from Tampon ads so hearing the original jingle (including cringeworthy line 'turns out, factory work is not much harder than house work') and a bit more context was very interesting. It's just the first five minutes of the podcast so a quick listen, but the rest of the episode features a female nuclear engineer who is a delight to listen to. 

6. Bonus Tweet For The Holiday Weekend

Thanks for reading. Be good this weekend, but if you're going to be bad, be good at it. 
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ICYMI: Texts From Mom, Throwing Shade & More

Work has begun to die down. I spent a lot of time on the Internet this week. Also it rained in LA again so I spent even more on the computer. I don't think this thing should get long enough it becomes laborious to read so this is an abridged version of what I found. Yo, ICYMI:

1. Sunrise Debuted Meet, A Keyboard That Helps Schedule Meetings
I use Sunrise as my calendar app and this week they launched Meet, a keyboard extension that helps cut out the email chain of choosing a time and place to meet. Even if the recipient doesn't have Sunrise, they can receive the invites and reply. Open up an email and within your keyboard you can pull up your calendar, select some dates and times, email it to a friend, who can then select what works for them and email you back. You can see your availability within the keyboard, set a time zone, duration and location. Amazing. 

2. There Is An Article About Throwing Shade in the NYTimes 
(sent to me by subscriber Sally)
This article is about 'hating'/'throwing shade'/slyly insulting someone. It is incredible. I will leave you with this quote: "'It’s absolutely in line with the tradition of American culture realizing that black people have figured something out,' Jones says, with just a hint of, yeah, shade." 

3. Samsung Made A Great Commercial

(sent to subscriber David, by his mom)
The commercial showcases the tropes we see of Moms texting and probably anyone who texts with their parents can find a way to relate.

4. I Favorited This Tweet

5. Chris Burden, of Urban Lights at LACMA, Passed Away
Maybe this one made it on to most peoples' radars but I felt guilty because I used to see Urban Lights multiple times a week and had no idea who had made it. I used to live by LACMA and my gym windows faced Urban Lights so I have seen many an engagement/headshot/tween photo shoot taking place amidst the lights. The LA Times has an article on how the lights came to be so click the link and learn a little about what you know you've Instagrammed. 

That's all she wrote this week! Hey, to help me out, let me know which of these was your favorite. Just reply to this email and then go about your weekend.
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ICYMI: Chipotle, The Olsen Twins, LoL & More

I'm trying out a more click-baity subject line, though the open rate is pretty good because I know all of you and it'd be #awkward if you didn't. The logo didn't make it into last week's...it is back now. I'm busy catching up on my DVR soo here it is, ICYMI:

1. I Favorited This Tweet

2. In Case You Myst It
Shoutout to David for this title. Myst is a computer game I played as a kid circa the 90s and Hulu just picked up a script to turn it into a TV series! It will be sci fi/fantasy, like the game was, from the perspective of a man (ugh, obvi) waking up on an island with no concept of where he is or how he got there. I'm getting some Lost vibes but am sure the show will go in a unique direction.  

3. Chipotle Posted It's Guac Recipe Online
Live every day like it's Cinco de Mayo. 

4. You Can Get An Athletics Scholarship For League Of Legends
I know a large group of guys from my freshman dorm who would have LAN parties in our basement would be PSYCHED about this.  Robert Morris University has varsity League of Legends (LoL) teams that compete in a collegiate tournament, so other schools have teams but this is is the first to turn it into a varsity sport with scholarships. I heard about it on this podcast, which goes into gender and gaming, but you can listen to a story about the team specifically here

5. Nickelodion Is Opening And Airing The Olsen Twin Vault
First, Nickelodion is surprisingly difficult to spell. Second, I am physically pained by linking to Yahoo articles but I like Price Peterson who is doing critical breakdowns of some Olsen twin movies and their often forgotten TV show, So Little Time. I went to horse back riding camp with Mary-Kate and she was lovely and had a pony named CD.  So there you go. 

Old News

1. Alec Baldwin Has A Podcast
I listen to a fair number of WNYC podcasts and have been hearing his, Here's the Thing, advertised a lot.  He has some cool guests (Ira GlassLorne Michaels,Kristen Wiig) and, according to the ads on other WNYC podcasts, gets his guests to be authentic in a way they are not in many other interviews.  Full disclosure: I haven't listened to a single episode yet but I like the title and his daughter Irelandaddressed the end of her lesbian relationship with Angel Haze with class so I'll be giving it a shot soon. 

Thanks for reading, again or for the first time!  This is fun for me and I hope for you too. 
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ICYMI: May 2

I was on a work trip this past week, had the flu and am now on vacation so all of the following was done in a Day/NyQuil induced haze.  Don't give up on me in my time of weakness.

1. I Favorited This Tweet

2. The Year My Fiance Left Me and I Watched All of "Law and Order"
The title is misleading because she doesn't finish the entire series but the history lesson and discussion of the cultural significance she goes into of Law and Order reminds you that Buzzfeed does do reporting. 

3. TODAY IN LA: Uber Will Pick Up Your Stuff and Take It To Goodwill, FOR FREE!
I've had a trash bag of stuff in my trunk for no less than three weeks that I have not donated.  Now Uber has solved my problem.  Clean out your closets/cupboards/garages and call an Uber!

4.  I Watched An Unboxing of an Apple Watch
I learned about 'unboxing' because a coworker's son became obsessed with them on YouTube.  They are what they sound like--someone tapes themselves opening a toy/video game/tech product. Typically, you watch someone open an expensive product you can't afford so you still get the experience but then you want it like I now want an Apple Watch. 

As mentioned, this was a rough week for me so I'm sure I missed a lot--send it my way for 'Old News' next week!  Did a friend forward this to you? How thoughtful! Subscribe here.

ICYMI: April 18

Apparently everyone knew about the one space after a period. I guess I learned from my mom (who has a real typewriter) who said it was two. Whoops. I'm trying out logos. How about this week you all forward the newsletter to one person you think may enjoy it? Plz? Onward, ICYMI: 

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ICYMI: April 11

Last week I tried to embed a tweet and it didn't work. You live you learn. Thanks for giving me another shot. I'm trying to only use one space after a period because that is apparently a thing now? I missed the memo about it but have seen some rants so I'm giving it a shot.  If you or someone you know is good with Photoshop and wants to make me a logo, have at it.  And now, ICYMI:

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ICYMI: April 4th

Welcome to my first Tiny Letter!  ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) will bring you things that happened this week that probably weren't trending but I think are important.  Some letters may be long, others may be short, but hopefully you'll always find something interesting.  Happy reading!

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