Very Cavallari: Episode #3

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I have some answers about where Shannon came from thanks to her Instagram "ask me anything" session last week. Someone asked how she got hired and she shared that they contacted her modeling agency looking for someone, she had a meeting, captioned some photos, and voila! So next time you need to do some hiring, forget Ziprecruiter or LinkedIn, call your local modeling agency! I didn't get a screen capture because I was on vacation so you'll have to trust me. 

On a similar note to modeling agencies: Who. Is. Styling Jay. At least we know he wasn't cast by Mark Block. The popped collar is an assault on my eyes. 

Meanwhile, Brittainy and Shannon are buds now and Wirth is officially on the show as a 'retail assistant.' The only thing Wirth is assisting is bringing in viewers who want to stare at him. I can't wait for his eye rolls and eyebrow raises as the drama unfolds. 


Shannon and Gurney meet for coffee to debrief the previous night. Would any couple in real life do this publicly? Wouldn't you go to someone's house after work? Also, do we have any real, physical evidence that they are a couple and not friends cast as a couple? We see them eating Chinese food and drinking wine and gabbing over coffee. That sounds like me and every friend I have. Even when they reconcile they do not kiss or hug. They hold hands across the table. While Shannon does call him out for the public setting, I am not convinced any of this is real. 

JAY IS IN ANOTHER VEST!! Seriously if you are an outerwear company NOT begging him for a partnership you are fired. Also, hats. I would buy a Jay Cutler hat. The couple is going to look at a house that Kristin promises she will not move into which means she will definitely be moving this season because it is the only tension we have between the two of them. 

The girls are hiring someone new and Reagan is saying things again. Basically we are reminded that Kristin has been on other shows because that is all the girls they interview have to talk about. PSA: not a good look. 

Kristin complains that this new house is 45 minutes away from her store. GIRL YOU USED TO LIVE IN LA DO NOT FORGET YOUR ROOTS! 45 minutes is BARELY average!!! She does like the idea of her kids in public school though which I actually believe and like.

Wirth talks about being chubby growing up and that is why he is so nice now. I believe he isn't a total jerk, but he didn't get 30k followers on Instagram showing off how nice he is. Cut to the girls basically offering the job to their BFF Taylor, who has modeled for them, without so much as a resume or interview. What could go wrong!?!?

Omg in the SAME episode Kristin gives in and agrees to move!? Guess the rest of the season will be her bugging Jay to pack?

Brittainy's boyfriend John is the voice of reason here about Taylor while he drinks out of a little boot. Little boots are the new mason jars - calling it now. Meanwhile, Reagan begins to say no to everything Shannon asks her to and the tension builds in the store. They discuss hiring with Kristin and she reminds us, yet again, "this is a business, not a sorority" but you definitely could have fooled me. She says "I'm running a business" two more times. 

Kristin and Kelly go to Wirth's housewarming party and Kristin applauds him for working even though he doesn't have to, as if that house came from his personal training money and nothing from his trust fund. No hate, just an observation. Kristin then says the line of the episode, noting "Lisa Vanderpump would NEVER" which is wonderful but not true, Lisa goes to her employees' events no matter how gauche the setting. 

Reagen and Shannon have it out and Shannon gets a taste of being Brittainy. They both fight like 24 year olds drinking alcohol but again, nothing like Le Deux. Shannon cries and Gurney gives her a side hug and a kiss on Everyone knows that is the best way to make someone feel better! They are not a couple. 

We get one more "I'm running a BUSINESS" for good measure and we're out. Scenes from next week show Kelly's Canadian coming to town and more hiring tensions because this show is about a BUSINESS! 

PS Since watching the episode I followed Taylor in Instagram and she is pregnant. Is it Wirth's baby? Only time will tell.