Very Cavallari: Episode #2

My entire week has been waiting for the next episode of this show. Episode one has to set the scene of characters but in episode two the conflict can really start to show itself (producers can start manipulating things).

Just from the "last week on..." I have thoughts. Kristin proclaiming that Jay "can't just sit at home" made me wonder what she did all day when she was on The Hills, because I can promise you it wasn't work. But I digress. Also very impressed at Kelly and Kristin finding that dude from Canada on Instagram, though I am sure they did that months ago and not as the cameras were on. for the episode. Jay continuing to scoff at female workouts is irksome, especially when we haven't even seen a highlight reel of him at Vanderbilt or on the Bears. Meanwhile, Kelly proclaiming "I need a juice, like, ASAP" brings me RIGHT back to The Hills and also highlights how much Nashville has changed since 2008. The girls then argue about who started the charcoal fad. 

Brittainy is here to work. I feel like she actually worked for Kristin before the show was a thing while Raegan and Shannon were cast and given random titles so Kristin could repeat what percent of sales come through social media (it's 90%, if you somehow missed it). Look, Kristin graduated summa cum laude from the School of Reality TV and I feel like Shannon is the gunner who just zoomed through her first semester. She knows how to play the game and that reaction GIFs are a thing. Meanwhile, Brittainy is perfect in her role of 'but she didn't even open the book how did she pass her classes' disdain for everything Shannon embodies.

Jay is still watching a live feed of deer. When will they sponsor him!? 

Then Brittainy surprises us and says she hasn't been in a fistfight since age 22. Girl OK I SEE YOU! Growing up in Philly apparently changes a person! Kristin claims Shannon has been there from day 1 and Brittainy is new? Fine. At this point, Raegan is boring. She copied her friend's dog's name - Blue - which is just so basic I'm almost impressed. Raegan's Blue is a Frenchie though, so I let it go. 


Shannon tells us again her favorite thing to do is drink wine with her boyfriend after work which she said verbatim last episode. She calls her boyfriend by his last name, Gurney, and every time I think his name is Ernie, which is a problem for his brand. 

Jay shows up, in great outerwear yet again, to help Kristin move. He complains a lot about the amount of boxes for someone who does not think any workout a female does is intense. Then we meet Wirth, a lumberjack with a man bun that apparently comes from old money, so it totally makes sense he's working retail. 

Brittainy snaps and yells "you hate working!" at Shannon. Shannon's face is like "you are plagiarizing my lines what the hell!" because she was not expecting Brittainy to catch up to her so quickly at Reality University.

Jay with the hip pop and vest is a mood. 


Shannon and Wirth make eyes at each other. The group seems to drink all day but no one is sloppy so what is the point? Wirth and Shannon continue to hang out. Gurney gets uncomfortable. The couple argues. Not the best "trouble in paradise" vignette I've seen but Gurney isn't enrolled at Reality U. 

Jay is inconvenienced by everyone's lack of golf skills. Chuy/Mark recently came out of the closet which makes me so happy for him. I want more of him here! Will he get a his own spinoff about being single in Nashville?! Why aren't we Insta stalking guys he meets!?

LOL Shannon has to call Brittainy to see if Gurney is there because he stormed out and isn't answering her calls! Brittainy offers to come pick Shannon up! Brittainy, you are too pure for this world. She gives Shannon great advice, drives her home and they hug. Brittainy drives a new Mercedes - guess being a manager is a better gig than I thought. 

Shannon has a moment with her mentor at Reality U, Kristin, but my only takeaway was how fancy Kristin's coffee maker is. Scenes from next week show more girl fighting and more Jay trying to stay relevant.