Things I Like

Sometimes things happen and I say “wow, that made me really happy.”  I am going to start keeping track of them.  

1. Unexpectedly running into a friend.  I love when LA feels smaller than it is.  One of the things I miss most about college is running into someone you know and it turning into an hour long catch-up session or impromptu meal together.  In college, everyone was more accessible.  We existed in the same radius and all had similar schedules.  Now, when I run into someone I am literally so happy because what are the odds (probably higher than we think, but still)!?  Last week, I ran into a friend on the side walk outside of Trader Joes.  I had seen him at work that same day but for some reason the chance encounter felt more special.  Sometimes I’m crossing the street and a friend is waiting at the stop light right there.  Whenever anything like this happens it makes me really happy. 

2. Deja vu via smells. Most of my smell deja vu revolves around face wash and shampoo/conditioners since I don’t have a particular brand I stick to.  I just opened a new container of face wash and was IMMEDIATELY taken back to the summer after I graduated with my masters and ended up working at my old summer camp for 2 weeks.  Another shampoo/conditioner combo takes me back to summer between junior and senior year of college, which was ultimately a huge transition period for me.  I love being transported back to those times, if only for a moment.

3.  Feeling welcome.  Seriously.  Do you know someone who just always makes you feel welcome?  Is there a place you go where you always feel like they are genuinely happy you are there (even if they don’t know your name)?   I never want to inconvenience people (I once went to a Vegas strip club and spent the majority of the time worrying I was going to offend the stripper. Get a few glasses of wine in me and ask me about it) and hate feeling like I’m intruding.  As a result, a person who can instantly make me feel like I belong or a restaurant/store/coffee shop where they don’t make you feel badly about not knowing where to order, when to pay or what the hell they call a ‘medium’ is a godsend.  Make someone feel welcome today.